Artheads is a 'not-for-profit' voluntary organisation based in 

Bury St Edmunds which is committed to helping anyone 

with drug, alcohol and mental health issues through creativity

 and imagination. 

We achieve this by providing a safe, alcohol and drug-free place in which everyone can take part in all kinds of creative art and music activities.

Our activities aim to engage the whole community in order to challenge stereotypes and misconceptions around addiction problems.

We do this regardless of ability to pay. 

Whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced artist or musician,

we have lots of equipment and resources for you to be involved: from 

sculpture, oil painting and card-making in the art field, to acoustic 

guitar,drumming and DJ-ing on the music side.

We aim to improve your well-being and to help maximise your

 ability to remain drug and alcohol free if you are in recovery. 

Artheads provides a safe, friendly, drug and alcohol free environment where people in recovery from addictions and mental health issues can explore art and music. 

The Project is run by volunteers and a project manager and has a permanent venue in the basement of Bury St Edmunds Leisure Centre in Beetons Way, with the support of Abbeycroft Leisure. 

You can take part in all kinds of activities or just relax and meet people. We especially welcome anyone affected by drug and alcohol mis-use and mental health issues as we feel people who are trying to address these problems face big challenges. These can range from having a lot of free time and nowhere safe to go, through to deeper issues. Finding an outlet like Artheads has been proven to help people who are at a crucial crossroads in their life and most of our volunteers are in recovery from addiction or mental health issues.

Anyone can attend Artheads, including those under sixteen if accompanied by a parent or guardian.